Vision Mission

Our Vision

  • Mahavir Oil Mill’s vision is to maintain and nurture its local and regional operations as well as expand new global business opportunities and markets, based on consumers’ needs and desires. It aspires to preserve its commitment to premium quality in all the products it delivers to the consumers.
  • Mahavir Dal & Oil Mill always strives to be a strong, solid, well-managed, fast-growing, exciting, innovative company with high business ethics and an excellent reputation and to be a company that offers great opportunities, a place where people like to work.”

Our Mission

Our Motto : `Quality & Service`.
  • Provide value for money with the purity of groundnut oil. Our mission is to provide reliable and superior quality products, value added solutions and responsive service to our customers. We accomplish this by incorporating proprietary technology, while keeping our research and development facilities busy with continuing the search for technological improvements.
  • To pioneer the food industry in its categories, uphold leadership and bring innovation into the lives of our everyday, versatile consumers. Additionally, Mahavir Dal & Oil Mill aims to excel in anticipating and quickly responding to consumer needs year-round, by promoting a consumer-focused work culture in its global operations.